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The Nirvana Project – Polar Mesa, Utah

The Vanadium Outlook

Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (“VRFBs”) are getting more attention from utilities companies, and large battery projects have already been announced.

The most notable vanadium-flow battery is probably a 200 MW system being built on the Dalian peninsula in China, which will serve 7 million residents. Costing $500 million, it’ll be used to peak-shave approximately 8% of Dalian’s expected load by 2020. This battery system will be the world’s largest, and it will single-handedly triple China’s grid-connected battery storage capacity.

According to Chinese firm Azure International, the market projection for VRFB demand (by MW) in the top 10 countries is growing at an 80% CAGR from 2013 to 2020, ultimately culminating in more than 7,000 MW of vanadium-flow capacity needed in 2020.

This demand could be even more substantial than that if the price of vanadium electrolyte could be reduced it makes up about 30-50% of the cost of each battery alone.

The Nirvana Project

The Nirvana - Polar Mesa claims form a single contiguous claim block covered by 199 unpatented federal lode mining claims in Uravan Belt, with historic mining going back to the 1880’s.

There are several areas with vanadium grades of 3.87%, 3.37%, 3.35% 3.26%, 3.04% and 3.02%, with surface chip samples reporting vanadium grades as high as 5.63% and uranium grades of 2100 ppm.

Hole P899 collar elevation 7804.7 intercepts at 7767.4 was 7ft of 0.16% V and .004% U followed by 1.1ft of 2.21%V and .32%V

The Vanadium Opportunity

The Polar Mesa claim area is located in the Uravan Mineral Belt

History. The Uravan Mineral Belt has been explored since the late 1880s, when early prospectors discovered radium, vanadium and uranium in the carnotite ores of the Paradox Valley. Since then, these three elements have alternated as the predominant economic resource based upon the market conditions.

Prior to 1930, most of the vanadium produced in the United States came from the roscoelite deposits near Rifle and Placerville in Colorado. The rising demand for vanadium as a steel alloy renewed interest in the vanadium deposits of the Uravan Belt.

Polar Mesa Lode Claims

Nirvana Claim Area